Data Quality Improvement Program



A Data Quality Expert will guide your Data Management Team through all four (4) stages of our Data Quality Improvement Program over a six (6) month period.

Stage 1: Data Quality Assessment / Data Management Program Evaluation

Stage 2: Prioritizing and Planning Data Quality Improvement Projects

Stage 3: Implementing Data Quality Improvement Projects

Stage 4: Building a Successful Data Management Program


At each stage of the program your team will receive training on data quality improvement techniques, step by step guidance on using the data quality toolkit, and implementation support to get immediate results for data quality challenges.


At the completion of the 6-month consultant guided program, your Data Management Team will have access to the Data Management Online Training Modules and Data Quality Toolkit for an additional six (6) months. During this period your Data Management Team may request Consultations with Precision Partners to get additional guidance and support.


At the completion of the program your team will be able to:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your business practices, workflow, and systems that impact the quality of your data
  • Effectively prioritize, plan, and implement data quality improvement efforts
  • Establish an ongoing data quality program for continuous improvement
  • Build a culture of excellence for managing data quality

 Data Quality Toolkit

  • Assessment Worksheets
  • Issue Prioritization Scorecard
  • Investigation & Root Cause Analysis Worksheet
  • Data Quality Improvement Project Plan Template
  • Data Governance Policy Checklist
  • Data Management Procedures Checklist
  • Data Governance Committee Charter
  • Best Practices for Data Management Metrics


Please contact our data quality expert…

Dauwn Parker   [email protected]     (424)206-5379 x801