Project Preparation Services

Will you select the right software vendor? Do you know your business requirements? Are you sure your project budget is correct?

Our Project Preparation Services provide you with all of the tools, templates, and guidance you need to present a reliable Business Case and Budget to your Board or Approval Committee. Whether you conduct a formal RFP or assemble a Selection Committee, at the completion of a Project Preparation Engagement with Precision Partners, you will be ready with a list of viable vendors, comprehensive requirements, and vendor selection criteria to move forward with confidence.

Change Management Services

Will you achieve 100% user adoption? Will you realize all of the benefits that you identified in your business case or project charter?

Our clients want more than a new fundraising database,  they want to foster collaboration, improve transparency, and increase efficiency. Simply putting a new application in front of users rarely accomplishes this goal. Your CRM implementation must be supported by a strategic change management plan that encourages a shift in organizational culture and empowers users with the necessary skills to make these changes in their day to day work habits. Our Change Management Program leverages proven methodologies to motivate users to embrace change and increase their confidence to successfully make the change.

Advisor Services

Will you complete your CRM implementation on time and within budget? Did you make a design decision that will haunt you in the future? Will your users be able to trust the data in the new CRM?

Our experience has shown that there are three areas where higher education and healthcare organizations are vulnerable during a CRM implementation.

  • A Project Manager who does not have in-depth knowledge of Advancement business practices or CRM project implementation experience or the ability to influence project stakeholders
  • Stakeholders whose design decisions transforms the new CRM into their legacy system
  • Minimal documentation or knowledge of the legacy system data structure or business rules

Our Advisor Services provides you with an expert to guide and coach you throughout the implementation process to avoid common pitfalls, mitigate project risks, and improve your chances of project success.

CRM Optimization Services

You’ve completed a successful CRM implementation, is there room for improvement?

Our CRM Optimization Services provides business process improvement engagements, tips and resources to support your CRM system, and application utilities that enhances the user experience.