We help Higher Education and Healthcare Organizations build Advancement Operations to achieve Transformational Philanthropy

Our Services

Using our Strategic Integration Methodology, we translate the vision of Executive Leadership into operational strategy,  implementation plans, and change management programs.

Our clients get the results they want:

  • Collaborative teams
  • Donor-centric business practices
  • Actionable and reliable data
  • Integrated CRM (constituent relationship management) technology solutions

If any of this aligns with your goals…


How to Improve Your Advancement and IT Partnership

I often find myself at the intersection of Advancement Operations and IT Support. I consider both groups my colleagues. From each area I hear the frustrations and challenges about working together. What makes it so difficult for Advancement Operations and IT Support to work together and how can you improve these interactions? Acknowledge and understand […]

Know the Difference – Implementing a CRM Solution for Advancement

For all of my colleagues in Advancement Services or for anyone in charge of Advancement Information Systems; I have a Precision Practices tip for you. I’m going to talk about the difference between Implementing a CRM Solution for Advancement versus Implementing CRM Software.   If we look at implementing new CRM software as the entirety […]