Current State of Advancement: Is Your Acknowledgment Process COVID-19 Proof?

  Are you struggling with how to fundraise in the current environment?  Many institutions are. The uncertainty created by the pandemic, along with a slowdown in our economy and growing civil unrest, can make it difficult for your voice to be heard.  So in these times and beyond, transparency and sensitivity are critical in your […]

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How to Improve Your Advancement and IT Partnership

I often find myself at the intersection of Advancement Operations and IT Support. I consider both groups my colleagues. From each area I hear the frustrations and challenges about working together. What makes it so difficult for Advancement Operations and IT Support to work together and how can you improve these interactions? Acknowledge and understand […]

Know the Difference – Implementing a CRM Solution for Advancement

For all of my colleagues in Advancement Services or for anyone in charge of Advancement Information Systems; I have a Precision Practices tip for you. I’m going to talk about the difference between Implementing a CRM Solution for Advancement versus Implementing CRM Software.   If we look at implementing new CRM software as the entirety […]

Why is Development and Alumni Relations Failing at Business Process Improvement?

by Mario Houston | Contact Us Why doesn’t Business Process Improvement just happen?  This is what many universities are trying to answer.  Let me suggest a better question to ask: Why is your University Development and Alumni Relations failing at improving the critical processes that you use everyday?  Let’s investigate why this happens …

How to Select the Right Project Manager to migrate your Fundraising Database to a New CRM system

  Now that you have finally decided to migrate all the fundraising data you have in various places to a sleek new CRM database there remains only one problem. How are you going to achieve a donor database that provides clean data, solid reports and a staff that buys into the process? Who are you […]

Calling all Frontline Fundraisers – What’s in it for You?

Institutions are now required by their Boards to provide more transparency and accountability for Fundraising Campaigns. This has prompted an array of metrics that not only evaluate progress towards fundraising goals but also evaluates daily productivity. Here are some metrics that might look familiar… Number of Face to Face Visits Number of Phone Calls Number of […]

This is not warm and fuzzy

I worked with one of my clients to plan the kick off meeting for their CRM Implementation project. I started with my workshop Tools and Techniques – Planning a Successful Project Kick Off Meeting and the team was brainstorming on how to meet each objective of the meeting.. Inspire – establish a context that is […]

Let’s evaluate your CRM

Author: Dauwn Parker, Principal Consultant at Precision Partners Maximizing the benefits of Constituent Relationship Management systems has become critical for organizations that are looking to solidify the long-term viability of their fundraising, advocacy, and advancement programs. This has created an urgency for organizations to find answers to the following question… Why do so many Constituent […]