An Important Resource for Your CRM Implementation: FAQs


During your Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) implementation project, usually there are a subset of individuals living and breathing the project. But the finalized CRM project impacts beyond this small subset of individuals. 


Things get even more complicated factoring in remote teams and time zone differences. 


This is why it is essential to create a resource users can refer to during the CRM implementation. Often overlooked, but a very important resource that is also highly effective is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. 


In the absence of information, the human experience goes to the worst-case scenario—increasing anxiety, frustration, and the fear of the unknown. The FAQ helps to offset this.


Here’s more about the importance of an FAQ as a CRM project resource and how to create one.

Benefits of an FAQ for your CRM Project

A good FAQ will reduce the workload on your team and provide consistent information. With the help of an FAQ, users are not getting information from the “rumor mill”–instead, they are getting facts from the resource. Also, information remains consistent through communication methods. 


For example, like the “telephone game” where a message can be altered even when passed from person to person in a relatively short line—information about your CRM project can become inaccurate as it is distributed.


Additionally, an FAQ provides quick access to accurate information in any time zone. Users won’t have to wait to resolve their questions, which is especially important if you’re short on time and you have global remote teams.


Finally, from a change management perspective, the FAQ is an important tool to build awareness of your CRM project. 

How to Create an FAQ for your CRM Project

The FAQ resource is usually maintained on a CRM project website. It is easily accessible to all team members—especially users who are not involved in the CRM project daily or those that work remotely.


Deciding what specific questions to ask in your FAQ document may depend on the CRM project itself and your unique needs. At the very least, provide questions that cover the basics. This alleviates the need to answer simple questions regularly. For example, “How do I login?” Or “Who should I contact with a login issue?”


After you’ve covered the basics, you can ask more fundamental questions such as:

  • What is the goal of the CRM Project? 
  • What does the term CRM stand for? 
  • What is an SME?  
  • When and how will I get access to the new system?
  • Will I be able to do everything I do now in the new system?  
  • When will the new CRM go live? 
  • Will I still be able to use the old system once the new CRM is running?


When implementing an FAQ resource, avoid the mindset that if you build it, they will come. So often, organizations create an FAQ that exists but isn’t used. This is because users don’t know about it. Create awareness of your FAQ by adding it as a part of your communication plan. Host a lunch and learn or town hall meeting or send a newsletter to consistently bring users to the FAQ resource.