Infrastructure Assessments

The Challenge

I need an easy way to monitor fundraising progress and report it to our board and CEO – why does it take so long to get this information from our fundraising system?

– Vice President of Development

I am worried that our current database may not be sufficient for our upcoming capital campaign and increasing fundraising targets. Have we outgrown our fundraising and donor database?

– Vice President of Advancement Services

Does this sound familiar? We hear these statements from Executives all the time and what really increases the stress level is not knowing what steps to take to get better outcomes. Our Roadmap Consulting Services provides a step-by-step guide to get the desired results.

Advancement Infrastructure Assessment – Staffing, Business Processes, & Technology

Executives leverage our Infrastructure Assessment to gain peace of mind by getting to the source of their infrastructure issues; this includes staffing, business processes, and technology. By understanding the source and its impact we can then create a Roadmap for improvement and ultimately move the organization to their desired state.


  • Clearly identify infrastructure challenges and their impact to the organization in staffing, business processes, and technology.
  • Evaluate the impact of those challenges when it comes to productivity, lost opportunity, operational clarity, and staff fatigue/resource shortages.
  • Develop a roadmap to establish an infrastructure for long term growth and sustainability in fundraising, advocacy, and engagement.


We will evaluate each business area to determine the current state of business practices, identify pain points and challenges, and how resources and technology are used. We use multiple methods of information gathering to maximize the data we collect but more importantly we incorporate feedback from various levels of the organization developing a complete picture of the operational strategies, habits, and business practices.


Our proprietary assessment rating system will give you insight into the health of your infrastructure and show exactly where you need to focus your efforts to optimize staffing, standardize business processes, and improve your technology platform.


We deliver a comprehensive report of our findings showing the current state of your infrastructure. We recommend a series of improvement efforts along with suggested priorities based on the level of impact or importance to the organization.

Duration: 8-10 weeks

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