CRM Strategic Alignment Workshop

Defining Your Vision of Success

Before you select or implement any new technology in an effort to improve your Fundraising and Engagement efforts, can you describe in detail your vision of success? This workshop is a collaborative strategy session that clarifies the ultimate goal and the measurable factors that define success for your organization. It is designed to be thought provoking and interactive and is a critical first step to improving your fundraising and engagement infrastructure.
Format: Onsite for up to 10 people in your organization
Duration: 2 days

Here are some of the topics that will be reviewed in this workshop:

Defining Your CRM Strategy

  • An evaluation of what is currently working well
  • Identifying both your external constituents and internal customers
  • A review of your plans for growth and expansion
  • Identifying the barriers to success

 Identifying the value and benefits that your CRM strategy must create

  • For external constituents/internal customers
  • For fundraising staff
  • For the organization

Three pillars for a solid fundraising and engagement infrastructure

  • Pillar 1: Staff Optimization
  • Pillar 2: Clearly Communicated Processes
  • Pillar 3: Technology that enables your business

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